Thursday, August 30, 2007

Technology Vs Marketing

If i ask you which is important for a car? Brake or Tyre ? ...Like that which is important for a software company Programmer or Sales person?.. As well known American proverb goes "Nothing is free", both of them @ the end of the day need to generate revenue.

If you take Microsoft corporation, how whatever products of Microsoft has been automatically dominating the market ? Is that because of good Marketing or good Programming ? The debate continues and big fight extends.......

If you can bring a Marketing guy with programming background then you have more probability that you will win large number of contracts as he/she will understand the technology and will get a hold of whats happening. But in real scenarios we don't get everytime a marketing guy with programming background.

A marketing person has a tough time everytime he/she gets a contract and he/she will be in uptight position till the contracts ends well and proper money has been generated.

Marketing is a skill where you need to put trust,confidence first and money next. A marketing person should be able to accept the client based on mutual understanding with his/her soft skills and business etiquette and take client's assignment as his/her assignment. A marketing person is always in constant danger as anytime anything can go wrong, he/she can have the control upto getting you a project/contract.

Thereafter the developer/programmer should take it forward. The programmer can't take things lightly as it might end up in disater results. Though programming is science it is actually art, good practices and good programming makes feel proud a programmer, not only upto programmer, to marketing team, to the management of the company.

So if the marketing team succeeds, it will not be always visible to programming team & other teams, but that is not the case for programming team,every nook and corner hi/her success will be visible. A good programmer is like a DOLLAR COW, gets more & more $$s. Ideally the marketing and technology synchronization is in the hands of recruiting team and the recruiting team is in the hands of management of the company, the management of the company is in the hands of good attitude people.

So to conclude for a car brake & tyre is important, Marketing members are like tyres they can get you assignment and Technology team is like brake, you need to work it out properly and HR team is like manufactures of the car :)...Well you can be doing marketing or programming, but you need to be true to your job :)....The debate continues ..........

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