Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Challenge

This blog discusses one's mindset and fighting spirit. The Germans and Indians are known as the best fighters around the globe.

When your interest, involvement and effort is at the highest, then you will be the BEST. If you are prepared to learn from your failures, you can easily reach where you want to.

Courage is the most important mental quality in your life. If you try to discipline your thoughts, you will see things happenings around you, in a disciplined manner.

If you channelise your mind properly, you would do things what you need to.

The fire that should burn in your heart will lead to greater heights. Challenges in life are there to test how much you can fight and how fit you are. Sustained and dedicated efforts will bring you the footsteps for your success.

In the late 1970s, those who wasted a lot of money for India's technological development, were motivated by Vikram Sarabhai. In the late 1980s, the same task was re-invented and helped gain more money for India. This feat was achieved by none other than our honourable APJ Abdul Kalam. Challenges are broken into pieces by individuals like these.

If you face a challenge with full courage and put in a good effort, ironically you then become a challenge for the challenge!

In 1989, there was this little chap who was teased and commented on by Pakistani media and spectators alike. They said, "He does not know how to handle the bat, how will he face Pakistan's bowling battery?". There were more unwanted words targetted towards him, yet he never let it affect his mindset. Today that young chap is the demi-god of Cricket. I am talking about Sachin

Another interesting story goes about this young man, who was once asked not to touch a steering and was warned that if he did it again, he would be dead. This young man's right thigh was in bad shape and not fit to don racing gear. But due to his self-confidence, his challenges were broken and he went on to set a world record of 7 Formula 1 wins. This is the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Leander Paes. Even after coming back from a scary Brain surgery, he is wonderful on the court and makes crowds marvel while he and Martina Navratilova go about their matches.

Challenges can be of any form. They can be in the form of injuries, fear, disapproval, discouragement or death in focus. Why we can't fight them like the above mentioned people have? After all, we are all human just like them. We walk, talk and behave no differently. Yet, their thinking is so different and so positive.

Open your eyes; enlighten your mind; explore your views; reach your destination. Be what you are. And if you ask what for? Well, the spirit to fight has to be be there. Don't quit, if you fight your challenges, then your challenges will quit.

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