Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Power of My INDIA

I would like to begin by informing everyone that my intention is not to discourage, degrade or criticise India. This article is meant to provide us methods to make India the number one country in the world.

India is famous for:
1. Population
2. Heat
3. Illliteracy
4. Cheating
5. Crime
6. AIDS (India is placed second to Africa) Wait, there is still much more.Today our population is 100 Million, yet we cannot win a single Olympic medal. Even in Cricket, which is the most popular game here, we haven't won a World Cup since 1983. Don't we have what it takes to win? Don't we have the "going for the kill" spirit like Australia?

A few important reasons that are degrading India:

1. There is lack of quality in work. Right from the production of Toothpaste, to manufacture of Shoes, all products lack 100% quality. Profiteering has rampantly over-taken quality and low quality products are all over the market.

2. There is absolutely no involvement towards progress from our political leaders today. What makes matters worse is that they are ever-ready to blame others for the mistake that they may have made just a few months ago.

3. There is hardly any recognition for talented individuals. Everything here works due to recommendations (Sports, Corporates, Educational institutes, etc.). There are talent shows all over Television today, but even those are due to the vested interests of Media-houses.

4. Corruption is rampant. It seems as though cheating others has become a normal happening. This is most definitely not a good sign.

India in comparison with other countries:

I don't know for how long is everyone going to say, "India is a developing country". When will India become a DEVELOPED country? Several other countries which were spoken of in the same category as India have developed. Their infrastructure and advancements are truly remarkable. JAPAN is an example that comes to one's mind. In 1942, Japan was bombed and a really huge impact was made. Some said that even Grass would never grow in the effected areas. Today, Japan is world number 2 in economy. Other such countries are, TAIWAN, KOREA, SINGAPORE etc. Not so long ago, Tokyo was no different from our very own Mumbai (Bombay back then). Today, Tokyo has evolved as a leading City and one of Asia's most developed Cities.

Steps to make India a WORLD Super-power:

Step 1: Encourage talented people in every field. This will ensure that the laziness that has occupied our genes will be flushed out and habitual activity will prevail.

Step 2: The money of Tax paying citizens should be effectively used for its real purpose. Usually it ends up in the pockets of dishonest politicians. It should actually be utlised for construction and development of better roads, railway tracks, and basic infrastructure building. Bridges and community help centers should be maintained and preserved after their GRAND INAUGURATION.

Step 3: A standard for all products should be maintained. 100% quality HAS TO BE a must to ensure that the Indian market can compete with other countries. We can only see non-indian bikes dominating the roads. Whats does this depict? It depicts that we INDIANS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE A DECENT BIKE OR CAR. Also, that if we do make any such product, the quality is not 100% effective.

Step 4: Law should be clear, strict and equal for all. Why is it that the common man, once stuck in a legal issue, keeps sinking further and further down? And why is it that a notorious political leader can go scott free, despite commiting nefarious crimes? Rules should be followed strictly by all Indians

Step 5: Discipline is the key to success. If we discipline ourselves, our peers will follow. Discipline doesn't mean just abiding by laws and staying away from anti-social activities. Discipline has got a lot to with self-improvement. We must take care of things that may seem small and meaningless, yet when done in a big way and followed by everyone, it makes a huge difference.

We all should take this as a target, a goal, an ambition and work towards it. Us being working professionals should concider this as an on-going project. The task is to make a better India. A great India. An India that is the envy of other Super-powers. An India where we all are happy and content.




Vinoth said...

nice one have clarified it very patiently

Karthick said...

Yes but we need to be true to ourselves which most of the times we are not :)...

Aarthi said...

nice one..but its true tht truth is always bitter