Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Get Inspired

Whenever you fail, it means you have not performed to your potential. There are some people however, who perform their very best and bloom, blossom and put in their 200%.

Whenever failure brushes them, they make their own destinations and script their own HISTORY. This article here will talk about such people.

Would you guess the name of this person, who was arrested in the mid 90's. All her positions were captured and she was almost led to stand alone extreme failure. No one know if she could rise again and nobody believed she could. But she had other plans. did not lose confidence and fought back. Today, people who are elder to her, respect her. She is none other than the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ms. Jayalalitha. A true magic women of India, she surely strikes us as an inspiring icon.

The GREAT WALL OF INDIA! Rahul Dravid is one man who will not speak in words, but prefer to talk with his bat. He is known to be an extremely patient man who can Bat for 365 days, if the Test match format would allow him to! He has battled and frustrated all the great bowlers from Waqar Younis to Glen McGrath. The fact that his only competitor is himself (there really is no one like Dravid in Cricket today), makes an amazing feature and a truly inspiring aspect.

This person didn't have a room to stay when he first arrived Mumbai, with dreams to make it big. He stayed at Pune for sometime and would spend 7 hours for travelling between Pune <-> Mumbai. The stress almost created a dent in his belief and he finally decided to become a teacher (which was his second ambition), but his first ambition was acting. He never gave up hope and finally got a break in a serial in Doordarshan. Today he is one of the hightest paid Actors of India. Yes, Shahrukh Khan rules the Box Office today. His dedication towards work and choice of scripts has made him the King Khan.

Next, a native of Calcutta (Kolkata). During School days, he would walk for 35 minutes from Home to School, to save the Bus fare his Father would give him. His habit to save apparently started from then. He comes from a Middle class family. Though not a brilliant student, he was always accurate and knew things he needed to know in his knowledge. He had a good know-how of planning and execution. His belief in himself has taken him to being the THIRD richest person in the world. He is Laksmi Mittal. A successful entrepreneur, business man and another insiration to all.

And finally, this Lady celebrated her 85th Birthday recently. She debuted at the age of 13. Even today, her voice is magical and melodious. Her recent performance in Veer Zaara (the record sakles of which, were the highest) won her more appreciation. Isn't, Lata Mangeshkar an inspiration to all?

There are many more who inspire. Many more examples to be given, but it is your time to join this list. If you learn from your mistakes, control yourself and work with full dedication, determination and discipline, you too will become an icon of INSPIRATION. That day is not too far - ALL THE VERY BEST!

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Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Lovely article... Nice to know about great achievers and their humble beginings.. You have a nice blog as well..Keep it going !