Thursday, August 30, 2007


You have a plan to achieve, but circumstances are very against you. Neither anybody listens you nor no one is there to help you out. There is extreme failure on your shoulders. All your mighty plans are ending up with zero solution.

You have only one thing with you and that is attitude, that is the one that makes you to come back in a great fashion. To get a winning attitude we need to include in our blood group 1. Motivation 2. Concentration 3. Persistence 4. Preparation

Motivations can be categorized as external & internal motivations. If others make you to inspire then that is external, but each time you can't get a supporting hand for you, as the great Infosys Mentor Mr.Narayanamurthy, the entrepreneur of 21st century says "LEADERSHIP IS LONELINESS", rough times will be solo, where as soft time will be lot of people with you.

Always be internally motivated yourself, see the things as interesting aspect rather than loosing focus and getting out when you have reached your 95%. Maintain an inner controlled maturity over yourself and your doing so that you will be doing only what you need to do and no nonsense will be liberated by you.

Concentration is attention to your mind by brain. What you think must be mutually agreed by your mind and brain, when your mind & brain are in line then that is concentration. The great wall of india, Rahul Dravid has lot of concentration, a person born to be shown as an example of concentration. He bats all the 5 days in the test match and makes bowlers arm pain :)

Persistence means trying,trying till you win. Only determination coupled with persistence can reach you great horizons. But all the above factors conclude under a single nut shell called "ATTITUDE".

A fine example for an attitude:

"When it rains all the birds occupy shelter. But Eagle is the only bird which avoids the rain by flying above the clouds. Problems may be common to all but ATTITUDE is the only thing which makes you unique & happier at the end of the day".


Balachandra said...

Good one.Please note an inadvertent error.NEITHER NOBODY LISTENS YOU "IT SHOULD BE "NEITHER ANY BODY..."

Karthick said...

Thanks for pointing the correction and thanks for spending your precious time in reading my article...

BTW can you show me your blog :)....interested to see....