Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Everyone who knows about the Mahabharata, would know that when Lord Krishna asked Duryodhana about the people in the world. He replied that all were bad and cruel. When the same question was asked to Yudhisthira, he replied the people of the world are all good, kind, helpful and lovable. The point here is, the way you framed your mind, that is how things will always appear to you. If you always take things positively, all difficulties will be appear as opportunities and if you keep negative thoughts in your mind, then all opportunities will become difficulties.

Keeping your mind-set positive could mean sacrificing certain things for some a good cause. When people watch Cricket on the Television, watch Movies at a Cinema Hall or the comfort of their living rooms, basically when people are enjoying, there are a few people who are risking life and limb for us. Our brave jawans are in constant danger.

Yes, there appears to be a thaw in India - Pakistan relations, but the reality is, that still there are bombs being planted across the country and the danger still looms large. Amid such scenarios, our soldiers protect us at the border, sacrificing everything for our country and for us. WE SHOULD SALUTE THEM.In today's competitive world, to be ahead, we need to keep working harder and smarter.

For example, Google Inc., which was started by a small group is now becoming a vital and rightful competitor to Microsoft. All this due to hard work and sacrifices. They are a positive organization, which ensures that the growth is positive as well.

To put in a positive effort, we need to make a few sacrifices. We must reduce our laziness. If there is some task that is too ardouous, we need not still struggle with it. We stop it for a short while by doing something like may be helping someone younger to you in their studies. These are sacrifices you make, that results in positive growth.

Also the sacrifices made by our former President APJ Abdul Kalam are not small in any way. He has worked tirelessly in almost all defense sectors and Aerospace Engineering divisions for India. He never married, instead dedicated himself to science. He is one of the most respected and humble living legends of India. His sacrifice is simply GREAT. We cannot aim for sacrifices like great people like Mr. Kalam, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc. We are all career driven people. However, we can surely aim for sacrifices that help us raise our own standards, which helps raise the standards of the people we work with.

People often say that Cricketers in India are given too much of value and regard. I agree to that in part. There are some people who deserve all that they receive. Sachin Tendulkar has given several sacrifices and made efforts constantly. Even the legendary Don Bradman once said that the reason why Sachin is amazing is the fact that at any given time, Sachin is always willing to learn. He is prepared to be a loyal student of the game always.Sachin, a man who has damaged almost all his bones, is still making runs effortlessly. Can anyone make a sacrifice like Sachin on the field?If you learn new things each day and keep making small sacrifices, you will carve a better future.

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