Tuesday, September 11, 2007

UML - Part II

Unified Modeling Language (UML):

Lets look into the rest of important things in UML.

Flow Dig/Interaction Dig:

Mainly Sequence and Colloboration diagrams. You can draw either one first and you will have an auto-conversion to convert

into another diagram. Tools like IBM Rational Rose, Star UML etc. all have this feature.

Numbers can be indicated to denote the flow of steps in sequence diagrams.

Activity Diagram:

When use cases become complicated then activity diagrams can be used to represent it.

An Actor or Object -> Represented by a swim line.

Deployment Diagram:

This is mainly for onsite people, testing people.

Node (For Ex; Webform,Winform)--> Represents the client or server used.

Major Components in UML:

Component ->Can be more than 1 class (Also might be atleast 1 class & 1 interface).
Controls -> Are Visual Components
Service ->Business Object Handling (Example COM+ services which will do service components).

A Component should have a clear purpose. It represents implementation and exposes a set of interfaces.

COM+ --> Refers to Object Pooling. Like MinPoolSize = 3, MaxPoolSize=10...

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