Friday, September 7, 2007

Email Jargons For You!!

In this competitive world, everyone can't live without sending email. You can live without eating food, but not without sending email. While sending emails there are some jargons you should always use, no matter whom you email.Lets see those...

1. Use Fantastic word so often
2. Use Let me know (can be used for 2 purposes).
I Ex: Let Me Know when it will reach me
II Ex: Let Me Know if you need any assistance from my side
3. Use Correct me if am wrong You can use this if you think you have done any mistake :)
4. Use Send it across
5. Use Great word very often
6. Use Wow!
7. Use My pleasure
8. Use My duty
9. Use Appreciate your help
10.Use Very Sorry
11.Use Sorry if am not supposed to say/ask (Use this when you really want to ask something, but that can't be asked).
12.Use Please donot mistake me
13.Use Thanks in different flavors like
I. Thank You (Normal)
II. Thanks a lot (little good)
III. Thanks a bunch (More than little good)
IV. Thanks a ton (More good than III)
V. Thanks for your time and help (Elegant manner)
VI. Much Thanks (Looks differently).
VII. Many Thanks (Professional)

Still lot can be used...Using those above will make your emails very stylish to read.


Nags said...

thanks for the sweet email.. i almost miseed it cuz it went into my spam.

i also have another cooking blog :

do check it out and leave comments :) thanks karthick, you have a nice blog here :)

Karthick said...


Aiyooo! you are BLOG QUEEN :)...I am just a kid in blogging :)...

Your is really fantastic :)...How yaar you are managing multiple blogs :)...

Now am stunned...Please can you comment/reply to this the names of ALL your blogs and let me look each one :)..... Great Stuff from you :) Really appreciate your good works nags :)

Nags said...

these are the ones:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice tips...some interesting ones!

Karthick said...

Thanks Kalyan :)..BTW ur CHAK DE article is really shrewd and awesome...each indian should read through that ...Good show :)

Cindrella said...

nice tips Karthick, "Great" job :)