Saturday, September 15, 2007

Exercise and Fitness

Seen many occasions people want to reduce weight but they will not reduce their eating habits. Eat sweets,ice creams,junk foods etc. without doing any exercise.
We don't need to maintain the fitness the cricketers need to maintain nor the gymnastics person maintain, a simple exercise will fetch you a good fitness. Just morning jog/walk, respire inhale(type of yoga), skipping, push ups, sit ups which ever is possible by you to do.

1. Practice a well-balanced health diet with fruits in it.
2. Lots of water-based diet juice,tender coconuts will help in the place of sweets/coke/ice creams.
3. Don't eat less if food is not tastier nor don't eat more if the food is tastier. Eat balanced food with correct food timings. We can't sit and eat all the day.
4. Exercise is a must to keep a healthy body and active mind.

Avoiding doing exercises will liberate lot of health problems like back problems, High BP, Over weight etc..Consider doing exercise as a duty. In India Exercise & Fitness is not given importance as given in UK/US.. Our motto is not become body builder but build a better body ... From the picture find and implement whatever exercises that can be done by you..DON'T BE LAZY :)


Neha Nair said...

Reminds me of those days when i used to diet to lose weight. Used to live on carrot juice,apples and orange juice(without sugar ofcourse) with 2 hours of walking.

Karthick said...

Hey Neha! 2 hrs of walking??? really?

munna said...

Its very nice dude. Can we expect a new article on how to increase the weight? let me know......

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Nice post. Excersising should become a part of our everyday activites jus' like eating, bathing et all. May be that will do justice to the sedantary lifestyle, which most of us are in..