Monday, September 3, 2007

Successful Living

Few rules for life:

1. Take time to dream (remember, most great achivements were once considered impossible).

2. Think often and deeply.

3. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

4. Say thank you and please, a lot.

5. Greet each day with a smile.

6. Never argue with an idiot, those who are watching will not be able to tell the difference (never wrestle with a pig, you will both get dirty and the pig likes it).

7. Choose to be happy.

8. Make a commitment to excellence(remember, if you do the things today that other won't do, you will have the things tomorrow that others won't have).

9. Be grateful(remember,if there were no problems there would be no opportunities).

10. Love life. Have Fun. Never underestimate the power, potential and possiblities of the human spirit, Life really is a blast.

Have faith, believe and remember that the sky truly is the limit. Always reach for the sky and if you miss you will be among the stars :)........


munna said...

I liked your last sentence Reach for sky and if not you 'll be among the stars :) ...Good one buddy!!!

Karthick said...

Thanks a ton...