Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving is about giving love & happiness.

Thanksgiving is not about eating turkeys, mashed potatoes, heading to black friday, buying some electronic/softwares on cyber monday.

Thanksgiving is all about love & happiness, the current trend is becoming like all the family members meet only once (on thanksgiving) or twice per year.(on Christmas). Due to the way the lifestyle is changing & in olden days people were leaving within the same city, were able to meet multiple times, but not like those, these times.

The first American thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, to honor the memory of with a ceremony for the harvest reaped by the plymouth colony after a harsh winter.

I always used to hear from my friend that thanksgiving is more about sharing love & happiness with family & friends. Next time when you celebrate don't forget to invite one/many of your friend/family members who is living away from his/her family, that way you are adding real value to thanksgiving & sharing your love & happiness, we never want to be alone in thanksgiving day.

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