Sunday, December 12, 2010

Path to six packs.

There are tons of articles & each article has something unique on six packs.
This has become buzz word in recent times where more fitness, health consciousness of how to maintain healthy body & mind.

Let us run through the easiest ways to reach six packs.

1. Burn fat. Without cardio there is nothing.
2. Stay away from sugar sweets,cakes, chocolates, sodium packaged foods.
3. Go for protein based food - Whey powder( has 22g of protein), soy beans( 20g), almonds(12g), peanuts(10g). (Numbers on a rough). Drink plenty of water.
4. Add natural carbohydrates via fruits - on daily basis(apples, oranges, grapes,bananas) plus vegetables - carrots, broccoli, spinach. Also, going for wheat whole grain 100% fiber bread will help to supply good fiber to the body.

5. Get your heart rate up to your some optimum level where you can breathe & balance via some cardio (treadmill/cycling/any one). 30- 60 mins per day will do wonders.
6. If you are meat eater (am not, so no idea), pls. check for appropriate meat (could be chicken,fish). Remember meat contain lot of fat, so choose carefully.
7. Make a habit to have fat-free milk & fat-free cottage cheese, which has good amount of protein, which can be the food for your muscles.
8. Head for resistance exercises - plan for upper body exercises(weight lifting, shoulders) one day, lower body the next day(weight pull via legs, squat exercise).
9. Go for crunches, static holdup(elbow on the ground, lie on a line, lift your body).

Never do these exercises if you don't have some carbohydrates(brown rice will be good,bananas) before 1-2 hrs, you need good energy to do workouts. More importantly, if you don't have at least 7(accepted)- 8 (good) hrs of sleep, don't attempt trying more heavy workouts, its not good for your blood pressure levels.

Happy six packing :)

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