Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giving up is an excuse and finding an excuse is a crime.

How many times have you seen India losing a match in cricket as soon as sachin gets out? even if you have 5 wickets indian team could not hit the required 16-20 odd runs with more balls remaining, How many times have you failed in your interviews, how many times, you made wrong decisions? It happens, mistakes bound occur, but, when we need to wake up ourselves? all because of giving up things easily.

We want to achieve more, but not ready to take extra effort, when everyone watching matches, everyone sitting in cinema theaters, everyone sitting in living room watching movie with popcorn and coke in hand, there are persons who don't waste their time, each sec is important for them, remember Bill Gates if you need to speak with him, you need to get appointment before many months, can you ever image going near Lakshmi Mittal? These persons come under the II category, work hard for betterment for their life, society and for the country. Are you ready to steady your life without giving up irrespective of hurdles that come across you?

Wow, the fitness of Rahul Dravid, Sachin amuses me a lot, above 35 dravid plays cricket, hockey. Running between the wickets and fielding of sachin is marvelous. These guys never give up, have ever your noticed rahul dravid throwing his wicket, a bowler should work hard to get his wicket. Man, he fights till his last sweat.

Many strive to achieve more, but when the opportunity comes, they don't respond,instead they try to hide, its very hard to get a chance, good opportunities will come for everyone provided you hit the right path, but we should be responsible for our actions, if you don't deliver, you will be delivered out. Why is aamir khan's movie has lot of vibrance and substance than any other hindi movies these days, that is due to his involvement, interest and never giving up attitude, for you information, aamir khan came much before shahrukh, while aamir has acted less than 40 films, shahrukh has done more than 75(am not comparing both here), the fact is shahrukh is equally committed person like aamir, both have their ideas, the fact is shahrukh and aamir both have struggled a lot before they make it big. If you want to learn how to come up in life without any god father learn from shahrukh, if you want to take a leaf on never giving up attitude look onto these folks. Surviving in the hindi industry for these long period is not an easy task, they both have done remarkable work.

There was a time when young legs were needed to replace seniors. That was when Gautam Gambhir was selected in place of Ganguly. Ganguly is a legend, he is an example for inspiration, aspiration and determination, if you are replacing him, you need a person of strong mental fitness and high quality timing shots, Gautam Gambhir proved he is the next wall, his timing, matching winning knock of 75 runs in 2007 final, remember MS Dhoni is a great captain( due to players like Gambhir, Raina,Sehwag etc), Ganguly is the finest test captain(due to Dravid - 227,181, 270,etc.Laxman - 281, 100*etc), all these because of their never giving up attitudes.

If you can focus and work on your plan, you can achieve millions, inspire others, so we should stop finding an excuse and cultivate the habit of never ever giving up.

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