Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ban elephants in festivals

Cruelty dealt in neat manner, will the government bring the ban rule to use elephant in festivals. Elephants are world's unique creature need to be in forest, but due to money from it - Ivory cost, circus people hunt and torture it.

Also elephants are very emotional creature, it loves his mahout (driver and care taker of elephant) so much. Many times mahout fail to feed at the musk period and elephant gets angry and kills drastically the mahout, the time duration of the madness of elephant could range from minutes to hours. After it comes to normal, it will feel for its behavior and starts crying heavily for killing his mahout. There is a special bonding between the elephant and mahout, like mother and kid, many elephants in asian countries (Thailand, India, Sri lanka etc) elephants don't have any role models, they hunted while they were kid and based on the instructions from mahout it behaves, acts and responds.

Elephant love is amazing, it remembers so much, the bad thing is its treated for begging, in circus they are abused, making to walk in the hot sun for hrs, please they need shelter and peace, they are not supposed to be in the city, let us join hands in eradicating the cruelty,nasty thing happening to the unique lovable, adorable creature.

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