Friday, November 14, 2008

Cricket - India's Heartbeat!!!

Today's India can't be without cricket. We talk,eat,fight about cricket & cricketers.
We got independence in 1947, English left us, but they left Cricket in front of us. To be honest 'Hockey' is our national game but cricket overwhelmed it.

Great players like Kapil Dev,Sunil Gavaskar,Mohd. Azharrudin,Sachin Tendulkar,Sourav Ganguly have redefined cricket in india, they have made indians to oversee cricket over hockey.

India has won 1 world cup in 1983 under Kapil's captaincy. MS Dhoni has set new trend in captaining india, the calm and cool customer with consitent performance over a nut shell both as a player,captain & as individual too.

Its very common to see roads becoming empty when india pakistan matches come live on TVs. When Kapil Dev was playing he reached the top spot and he retired when sachin came. Sachin is the only player to play matches with old & young players like Kapil Dev, J.Srinath,Sehwag,Gambhir to name a few. Sachin is termed as the living god by indian fans.

There was a time when everytime he comes to bat, he failed & with his stealthy determination,dedication and discipline he proved again and again. A man who is respected by most of the indians for his aspiring,shrewd,inspiring talent, he is none other than Sourav Ganguly, the king of all kings. He made a flashing 100 in his test debut, most successful captain, jubliant human being. His love for cricket is extraordinary.

Another person who is always patient,persistent & always concentrates single minded. The greatest timer of cover drive. He is the wall - Rahul Dravid, good character,temperament and soft spoken personality. His runs in test cricket is voluminous.

Now the amount of money players can earn through cricket is cubersome. If you are good cricketer then you can make most of all through T20,ODI,Test,IPL,ICL,County Cricket etc..

If you are an indian or in india you can't take off your eyes or ears from seeing or listening about cricket.

The heart beat of india ...C R I C K E T.....

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