Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Determination, Dedication & Discipline= Sourav Ganguly!!!

Finally the prince of indian cricket has made adieu to the international cricket in the late 2008.

We are going to miss him very much. I have been inspired by him very much right from childhood watching him. He is very determined, dedicated & disciplined. His abilities has been questioned everytime throughout his career, but every time he responed with his cricketing skills in a great manner.

I can see 2 faces of ganguly, ie. when he was captain & after losing his captaincy & came back to the squad. When he was captain he was more energetic, aggressive in cricket & off field, but the later part he is aggressive only on the cricketing field & was very calm & composed. I wonder how such an aggressive person can change his thinking & act accordingly. Really i liked his attitude a lot.

Here is what sourav ganguly shares with us on big guns:


It has been an immense pleasure. Sharing the dressing with Sachin, Rahul, Anil and VVS has been a dream come true. Given my background, I led an easy life. It (the game) has been a learning experience, not only for cricket but also for life. MS and Gary, you are the torchbearers of the team now. Over the past 12-13 years I’ve made good friends and made some enemies, but it was all for the good of Indian cricket and, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed walking the path with me.

Sourav Ganguly has done lot to Indian Cricket & its time to return back him with the next world cup 2011. He took us to the final in 2003 world cup but we lost that match against australia, but still the scenes of that match is very much in my eyes, where Sehwag was trying single handedly though his efforts lost in vain. No one can forget the knocking century Sourav Ganguly hit against kenya in semi final where all other batsmen failed, if sourav wouldn't have hit that 100 then we wouldn't have reached the final in 2003.

I dedicate this article to the prolific astute Sourav Ganguly, a legend to be remembered always & please keep inspiring millions of your fans.

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