Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Real Heroes

I would like to dedicate this article to our lovable freedom fighters of india.

It was before our indian independence, many people suffered a lot in the form of tortures, injuries, pain even some lost their lives. They had all united and were fighting for a single cause, INDIAN INDEPENDENCE!. But in today's world people are never bothered either to give the resepect what our freedom fighters deserve?

Today's generation assumes 'FREEDOM FIGHTERS' as old aged people who get government pensions, get benefits in train tickets etc. But if you go through their lives, they have some thing to tell us.

Even when Subhash Chandra Bose formed military camp, he didn't have any sponsors to give money to buy guns, bullets etc. He organized and brought people and all poor people what they had at that time gave their money and subash chandra bose used that money and he with other soldiers fought for us. Most of them who fought at that time would have been dead now or become very aged. They didn't had money at that time but they had one DREAM! an independent INDIA.

Mahatma Gandhiji who studied law would have become lawyer at that time and could have earned money and could have a led a living, but he didn't do like that he always dedicated his life to INDIA! His speech, his approach etc. everything led to india's independence in 1947.

Because of great leaders, good freedom fighters we today see a SAFE india. But are we giving necessary pride and privileges to those freedom fighters? Its a question to be asked ourselves, if not then we need to correct and saluate them for their efforts.

In return what we can return to our freedom fighters is 'BY MAKING QUALITY INDIAN PRODUCTS, INDIAN PRODUCTS WITH GLOBAL STANDARDS, INDIAN CARS DOMINATING WORLD ROADS etc..' making INDIA respectable in terms of human value and development, so that our freedom fighters would be really happy if we can transform INDIA as developed country atleast for them so that the efforts put by them will get a respect.


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Another nice...quality article from you Karthick...Keep Going...:)

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