Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stress Management

Stress - This is the word that spoils everything - career,relationship,friendship etc. I had shared my views with regard to stress management, hope you'll find this useful.

Stress is a psychological state that affects the immune system. In this fast moving world, there is connection between stress and vulnerability to viral infections such as colds is widely recognized. For example, cold,fever & flu rates increase among students during exam periods. Can you find why? The reason is due to stress which keeps down the immune system.

Keeping a positive outlook on life can help to overcome the weakening of the immune system. Stress develops depression. Depression affects learning and memory.

So it is essential to manage the stress. Stress can be managed through a healthy lifestyle, including physical exercise, humour which keeps in control the blood level flow which gets increased to brain,muscles and heart due to stress.

Men and women handle stress in different dimensions. While men tend to isolate themselves from others, women will turn to relatives/friends for help to get rid of the stress.

Some quick tips & tricks to overcome this stress:

1. Humor therapy - Keep yourself a sense of humour.

2. Listening to your favourite music which can calm your mind.

3. Exercising daily - in the early morning(Physical exercise helps to strengthen brain cells).

4. Cultivate the habit of learning new skills daily.

5. Commitment to listening plus to teach something you know.

6. You shouldn't make/feel yourself depressed as depressing harms brain function.

7. Also you need to be in your weight -not under/over weight which helps you to think faster (See the people in japan/china who are neither under nor over weight and just see their working potential - japan -2nd in economy, china =hardware)..Slim a bit to think faster.

8. Just try to greet back the people whoever greet you, don't always expect someone to greet you, that shows you are not easy moving. Include some good soft skills within you to improve your career skills.

9. Think before you start anything so that you needn't stress yourself later. Strategically thinking & Visualizing - very important ingredients of life.

10. Proper sleep is essential for acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills. So sleep proper to reach top levels.

Overall if you try to implement full-brain engagement then there is no room for stress.

I welcome your points/views/feedback on the same.

Be stress free! happiness full :)


tulipspeaks said...

#7 gonna be a lil hard actually.


Karthick said...

Yeah! but its definitely possible :)..Thanks for your comment!

Aarthi said...

My sis recently did a survey about stress and this info would help her gain more points..thanks...:)

Karthick said...

Aarthi: Ok let me know if you need more info on this :)

vasu said...

Hi Karthik, i just went through your blog on 'stress. It is well written. 'Stress' is hard coded in our brains. When faced with a threat an animal has two options: 'Fight' or 'flight' in order to ensure its survival. It is stress which prompts the animal to react and choose any of the above two options and continue to stay alive. Even the greatest of sportsmen feel 'butterflies in their stomach' before a big game. So stress in smaller quantities is essential for performing better in life. But when it blows out of proportion it is indeed dangerous and the steps you have written are quite useful in combating this 'Necessary Evil'

Karthick said...

Vasu: Thanks a million for your valuable comments :)

Lena said...

you know some people have this ability to fight stress inborn :)
for the rest these rules are good, though a little bit hard to follow them. People dont like following rules :P
For me chocolates always work but i guess thats very individual :)

Karthick said...

Lena: Yeah you are 100% correct. If you find anything worthful we can definitely follow :)