Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cool Skills

In this fast moving life, we need to be definitely cool with these cool skills. Learn to give respect to each one, learn to respect person not position. Be always learning addict. Try to be kind,soft-spoken with everyone and greet each time. Before trying to start any task, just practice the same in your mind. The reason is you don't (or) make less mistakes, so that your blood will be cool and will keep your blood pressure under control. So be a good visualizer. Visualization helps in real-life to reach great horizons.

Statistics show that those who are achievers do not let anything or anyone make them feel bad about themselves. Don't take failures as the end of the world, may be god will open another good door surely for you.

Choose to be happy, you can either choose to worry about life & what will happen in the future, or you can choose to be happy, to enjoy life & to live life to the fullest. It is a choice. Overtake your worries & fear with all your faith. Have faith in you. Avoid unneccessary arguments, back-bitting strictly in life.

Take each dat as a lesson and try to learn new things. Try to involve yourself in lot of incredible things and keep your mind engaged 100% always. Don't loose your temper and stay focused, positive and keep rocking :)


pavan said...

Really very cool :-)

Aarthi said...

Nice one...I think it would have been easy to grasp if it was written point wise....:)

Karthick said...

Pavan: Thanks dude for your kewl comment :)

Aarthi: I'll in future articles :) and thanks for the comment.