Thursday, October 4, 2007

Learning Curve

Do you watch cricket? If yes, then do you watch Australian team performances. If 5 wickets fall also, then can hit 300+ runs and win the match. How is that always possible for them? The only answer for this is learning the skills and working on it to improve.

Seldomly people learn and they tell their learning time is over as they become little old. Very difficult to see people learning new things, they want to be with what they have and don't want to multiply their skills.

But we are going to discuss here some people who always keep up their learning curve.
Do you this person who earns each single minute thousands of dollars & sleeps 4 hrs per day and dedicates his life to his ambition? He is proud Bill Gates. Though he didn't have a proper full-time education in his life, he earned his learning through experimentations and experiences. Today he is the II richest person in the world.

Pray for me brother! the song sung by an indian for international market.Though had very difficult life but by his unidimensional and single-minded learning skills he redefined the music industry. Since he is a good learner, he welcomes new voices in his industry and make their learnings a meaningful. Am talking about the young music legend A.R.Rehman, who creates always magic in his music.

We are very stressed with a single job. But there are people who like and learn to do multiple jobs. A simple girl from south india who learnt music in her young age and participated in music programmes and identified by A.R.Rehman and given a break in cinema as a playback singer in 2002 and from then onwards there is no looking back in her career. She is Chinmayi.Also she learnt german,french,spanish and she is also holding a translation company, also into various professions like VJ/RJ/Pscyologist/Classical Dancer et. How can a single person achieve this much? The answer can be given by you if you increase your learning curve.

Also one person who silently speaks with his bat all the time whether the opposition is strong or weak, he can make bowlers frustrate. He has unique approach and technique and his learning is remarkable. Still he says he want to learn on hitting with reverse bat technique. Very smart,patient,acceptable always he is the WALL of INDIAN cricket Rahul Dravid.

Lot of problems will be occurring always in life. A problem can't overtake and stop your learning.Stress,failures,strains can be prohibited if you include interest and learning as your daily mantra. Good luck to your learnings for good earnings :)

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Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Wow!Beaitiful post, a truly inspiring one..

I read a book called" Life is an Attitude" few months back and thats when I realised true great people never stop learning and I strongly believe in the words Its never too late to learn new things..

Thou' Im in a long holiday for months together, its this thing that keeps me going and I have never felt bored during these times..

Keep more posts like these coming in!