Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dreams or Fate ?

Dreams or Fate ? All human beings have dreams. But there are human beings who will constantly always oppose your dreams by projecting some unwanted silly things in front of you. If you succeed they will tell your hard work as luck and if you fail they describe your failure as fate.

If you try to channelize your mind properly, you will do only things that you need to do. Courage is the most important mental quality in life. If you try to learn from your failures, you will reach easily where you need to reach.

Just keep working on how to make your dreams into reality. The more you become your dream the more you are going to succeed. To be a good human being, you need to develop a good understanding skill. Always respect people and not position. Try to praise each one for their good work rather than criticizing.

Be a doer always rather than a watcher. Dreams can become reality if you try & execute your plans. Have a concrete plan of what you need to become and when you need to become that. Time is important. The time lost cannot be retrieved, each second is important, so utilize your time in a healthier way.

May all your DREAMS overtake your FATE and become real very soon :)


Sudhakar said...

Wow very good and inspiring.I am also of the same view.

Aarthi said... n inspiring..:)

Karthick said...

Sudhakar:Thanks. Great minds are alike :)

Aarthi: Thanks for your comments.

Vrun said...

Nice to have read this post. Very impressive..

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Truly inspiring post.. Dreams can always overtake the so called fate with ones determination, hard work and confidence..

I think your blog needs updating, its been quite sometime :)

Karthick said...

Shalini:Yeah Shalini will update very soon. Thanks for reminding.

Vrun: Thanks a lot Vrun for your comments.