Monday, October 22, 2007

The Elephant Human Conflict

Elephants are GOD in India. If that is true why do we unneccessarily disturb it. By making it to stand hours together in the temple, bringing it on roads in festival time, bursting crackers in front of it, making use of it for begging. Is this a human value behaviour?

Please wake up. Also the elephant human relation conflict is one which i need to discuss here. Elephants need to stay in forest, but people kill it for its ivory cost, capture it and put it in circus cage, pain that can't be healed. An Elephant suffers much pain from human beings. Elephants have high memory capacity, very sensitive, very emotional but once you trouble it, it will definitely take a revenge on you.

Hunters kill mother elephants and take the calf to circus and train them. Separating calf from mother is the worst crime in the world. In South Africa people hunt through helicopters the elephants. Most worst ever happening thing in the world. Even they kill and eat their meat. In India, in West Bengal elephants come into the village for food as there is no space in the forest, if people destroy forests where do elephants go, they need space, shelter, food.

India a culture of heritage, but things dealing against elephants is very cruel. As a human being we need to respect elephants. If elephant is GOD then pray don't cause pain to it.

If elephants are going to be treated as how they are treated, then within few years elephant species will disappear and that will be a history and elephants will be seen in pictures and not in real.

Live and Let others Live.......

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Shalini Gowrisankar said...

It is really dis heartening to know how these majestic animals are being treated.. Elephants are on of my favourite animals and I felt really bad when I read the post. I think the govt and the individuals should encourage people and organisations who help take care of endangered species ..