Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Funny New Year Resolutions!!

Everywhere people keep resolutions, but my resolutions are not 1024*768 or 800*600, but still more than that and is as follows:

Spend more time watching TV / movies.

Chat more over phone / Internet.

Read less.

I want to gain weight. Put on at least 15 Kgs more.

Stop exercising. Waste of time.

Procrastinate more. Being lazy allows brain to take more rest!

Drink more coffee,tea and some more coffee!

Start being superstitious.

Spend more less time at work.

Start bringing lunch from home: But I should eat outside.

Take up a new habit: Catching Sponsors to take me to new movies every weekends!

Moreover always my bank account gets credited ALL the days throughout the year!

Sleep at least 12 hrs/day.

Advice whoever comes and listens!

Get confused and make also others to get confused.

Totally a year without risk,fear,sorrow but full of happiness,health and good luck.

Wish you ALL a HAPPY YEAR NEW 2008 ......


pavan said...

Sounds very funny..

Makes very cool after reading this :)

m.flowerr said...

Nice....may all your dreams come true:)

Karthick said...

pavan: Thanks a million :)

m.flowerr: Thanks a lot and may your dreams too also come true :)

Lena said...

made me laugh :D

Happy New Year to you too :)

Karthick said...

lena: Thanks! Glad you laughed :)

KP said...

lol......good one...;)

start being superstitious....

thats good one..;)

Aarthi said...

I feel any resolution becomes funny...when we don't really follow it...wats say??

Karthick said...

KP: Much thanks :-)

Aarthi: Yeah you are right :)