Friday, November 30, 2007

Unidimensional Concentration

There is no alternative except preparation for success. There will be constant change in this world. Yesterday's scooters like Rajdoot,Luna,Lambherata are invisible these days. Similarly what you know now will not be in use in near future. Change is never ending process. Be prepared for the change and face it and overcome your chanllenges. Setting your mind ands focusing your mind towards your goal needs concentration, not just concentration its should be unidimensional concentration.Below i will discuss few interesting people's unidimensional concentration skills which makes them successful in whatever they do/implement.

It was in chicago when swami vivekananda was walking on the beach side , trained shooters were practicing to shoot ballons which was floating on the tide/wave. Those people couldn't shoot more than 2 balloons out of 10, they saw swami vivekananda and called him and asked him to try and inquired whether he was a professional shooter, he replied no. He shoot ALL the 10s and everybody there were stunned. The only & one and one & only answer swami vivekananda gave was concentration. Concentrate and focus on your task you can achieve what you need to achieve.

You know this person very well. He seldom speaks and he speaks no-nonsense. He can turn any match with his concentration power. He is the king of indian cricket Mr.Rahul Dravid. His unidimensional concentration examples include (to name a few) 181,204*,248,142 etc...ALL match winning knocks in test cricket. He was the person responsible to get india's victory in Australia after 27 years,England's after 22 years in their respective home soils. His another quality which doesn't shake his concentration power is, he never outdisplays his anger,frustration, tension,stress and by doing so he never gets distracted. Even when ferocious bowlers like waqar younis,shoaib akhtar, brett lee etc. will be absent(get tired) when dravid dictates with his bat. Your arm will broke as you can't bowl for 5 days to the same person who is tight and firmly grounded with his unidimensional concentration.

Its our time to improve our concentration, learn new things by throwing the laziness prevailing, ready to move upward in your life. Think about future, but do what you are supposed to do today. Dream HIGH! Achieve HIGH :)


Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker said...

Friend: Could you kindly quote your source for the story of Vivekananda shooting 10 of 10 balloons? Did anybody see? Did he write to anybody? Did anybody who saw his doing it recorded it by writing to somebody else? eg. Ms. Mary Hale or Mrs. Ole Bull.
IN which biography of Vivekananda you have read?

Karthick said...

Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker: Really i don't remember the source. Anyway thanks for your valuable comments

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Nice topic again.. It is really hard to get unidimensional concentration but once you get it..There is no stopping a person from there on.. But, I guess we can achieve concentration with constant practice :)

Karthick said...

Shalini: Thanks! Concentration can be achieved only, if we stick to the task without any diversion.

Aarthi said...

Concentration!!!!!!hmm very hard for me...donno...think I have to practice it....:)

Karthick said...

Aarthi: Great to know that you are going to practice on concentration :)..